Showing off a Daybed from 2010

cherry day bed

design details echo elements in the 1880's mirror

Day Bed detail

eastlake, day bed

Day Bed with Inspirational mirror above

Day Bed and Mirror

Original mirror foot detail

1880’s Eastlake mirror design details


I recently had the chance to visit a customer of mine from 2010. She had asked for a daybed that would convert into a King bed. The design needed to coordinate with an antique mirror.

Taking photos of a large piece like this needs space. Originally this bed was made to fit in an alcove, and the photos didn’t do the bed justice. These are much better.

The bed is a single, with a pop-up rollout single bed underneath hidden by the long panel. When it is out and popped, the two mattresses line up. They clamp together and presto – a King bed.

The mirror is in the Eastlake style.My Architect/designer daughter Jennifer copied design elements from the base and pediment of the mirror and used them to dress the bed. This helped make the frame less boxy.

This design was very constrained – lots of objectives and not a lot of wiggle room. I’m really pleased with how it came out and I’m told that it is a very comfortable bed.

The top three pictures are the bed with the mirror above it, and the lower two are details that are reflected in the bed.

Thank you to Nina and Dennis for  letting me share these images.

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