Finding Inspiration in Masterpieces: Part II, the Louvre

And we’re back!

You may wonder why we took a blogging hiatus when I promised you a 4 part series, and the honest answer is that my son, prize grandchild Owen, learned to crawl. Now I have to chase him around the house instead of polishing up blog posts for publication.  We’ve hopefully resolved this issue with better structure for my schedule and the blog’s schedule (and a playpen): from today on we are intending to post something new on Tuesdays every week!

We’re picking up where we left off with Dave’s visit to 3 great museums of Paris, and I’m sure the Louvre needs no introduction. Dave doesn’t have all that much to say about it either because honestly it’s fairly overwhelming, so we’ll leave you with some pictures and be back next week with Part III, Musee des Arts Decoratifs! — Jenn



From the Musée Nissim de Camondo I went to the Louvre. Unlike the Musée Camondo which is very focused on a specific time period,  their furniture collection is much larger, covers a much broader period of time, and is in a series of small rooms that can be viewed from both ends.



Again, these were glorious pieces, and many were companion pieces to those in Musée Camondo.  Viewing positions were limited for many pieces because of the inevitable crowds. They were really fine furniture, but somehow weren’t as inspiring as the more intimate setting of the smaller museum.

Editor’s note: As an architect, I have some thoughts on this: most furniture is not designed for the scale of the Louvre.  Further, most historic furniture is intended as part of a tableau, to set a specific scene – it’s not meant to be seen against blank walls with no accompanying pieces.  While many other works of art look better the closer you can examine them, objects that are both beautiful and meant for use, like furniture and buildings, lose their impact when removed from their real surroundings. The pieces in this post shown in decorated rooms to me immediately seem more impactful.



By the time I saw all of the Louvre’s furniture, I needed a break.

We’ll be back next Tuesday with more masterpiece inspiration!

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