April Happenings

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And here we are already in April!  Jenn here, ready to fill you in on what’s happening this month which is….very little.  Which we are grateful for.

April 24th weekend Dave will be teaching a Marquetry Introduction course at Nova Labs.  We would normally be shouting this to the universe except half the spots are already full, and the other half are only open to members of the Washington Woodworker’s Guild.  However, if you’re a WWG member and need more info on how to sign up, please feel free to shoot Dave an email.

Based on this level of interest, there may well be more classes like it in the future, so stay tuned!

Next Month

Coming up in early May, we’ll be showing at Arts in the Park Richmond on May 6th and 7th!  We’re fully restocked on chopping boards, marquetry pictures, keepsake boxes, and new chess boards!  We also have our very popular bud vases perfect for Mother’s Day (hint, hint.)

That’s all for today! Have an excellent Monday!


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