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Furniture Education: How Wood Ages, Part II — Finish

  Today Dave is back with more on how fur­ni­ture ages, and a lit­tle bit more on what you can do to achieve the look you want with fin­ish selec­tion. Our last post talked about the ten­den­cy of wood to change as it ages, based on it’s inter­ac­tion with the atmos­phere: air and water.  Today […]

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Furniture Education: How Wood Ages, Part I

One of the things we want­ed to address with this jour­nal was to edu­cate our cus­tomers, so they can make the best deci­sions as well as hav­ing a lit­tle more under­stand­ing of a mate­r­i­al we have all around us on a dai­ly basis! Today’s top­ic is a two-part series on a top­ic that comes up […]

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Why use veneer?

We get this a lot — in dis­cussing a piece with a client we’ll men­tion the word veneer and they sud­den­ly freeze with a ques­tion­ing look. I know what they’re think­ing — “Wait, isn’t this heir­loom qual­i­ty fur­ni­ture?  Why on earth would we use veneer instead of sol­id wood, isn’t that infe­ri­or?” Dave is here today to clear up some […]

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