About us

Heller and Heller Custom Furniture is a family business based in Charlottesville, Virginia.


The principal Heller is Furniture Maker Dave, a retired Chemical Engineer. Dave has been building furniture for about 30 years, and professionally since 2009. Dave has a passion for learning and studying the work of masters, so it can be hard to
narrow a description of his interests or style, but he is particularly drawn to wood with spectacular grain, elegant geometric patterns and marquetry designs, and furniture from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

As in life Dave is joined in the business by his wife Elizabeth, whose specialties include getting things done properly.  Elizabeth wears many hats – from answering bellows from the workshop for extra hands before the glue dries, to packaging and shipping your Etsy orders, sanding chopping boards in show season, and making sure Dave remembers to eat occasionally – she does a little bit of everything to keep the business running. Elizabeth is also a retired Chemical Engineer, and in addition to Heller & Heller she devotes time to her local garden club, love of DIY hobbies and crafts, and doting on her grandson.

The original “other half” of Heller and Heller, daughter Jenn now serves in a design consulting role as needed, and helps Elizabeth manage social media and the blog so that Dave’s creations actually make it into the public eye. Jenn worked as an architect for 5 years both in the UK and Washington, DC, and now is following a passion for art and design into running her own business in illustration, stationery, and graphic design. In her spare time, Jenn now serves another important role: new mom to the next generation of potential furniture makers in our family. You can be assured that Grandpa’s Workshop will be a part of his reading rotation.


We like to design and make elegant furniture that meets your needs and desires. A piece from us should look perfect in your space, as if you had always had one of these even though it didn’t exist until recently. If you want a piece to make a statement, we would like it to speak clearly and well. If you want a piece to blend in, it should be a seamless part of the room. Above all we listen to you – from your thoughts on the style and function of the piece itself to your description of how you live and want your home to feel – and then we encapsulate those wishes in the ideal piece of furniture for you.

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Our shop, Dave

Our shop, Dave’s dream realized: 900 sqft of dedicated woodworking heaven.